Over the past 2.5 years, DCWaleDesi, through its events, social media presence, and other initiatives has successfully achieved its mission of connecting South Asians in Washington DC, Maryland and Virginia. 

Now, we are looking to take this community-building to the next level with DCWaleDesi Subcultures. You will notice that to start, we have added story highlights for a number of the most common subcultures among our followers within South Asia including DCWaleNepali, DCWaleMarathi, DCWaleKashmiri, DCWaleTamil, DCWaleSinhalese, DCWaleBihari, DCWalePashtun, DCWaleBaloch, DCWalePunjabi, DCWaleSindhi, DCWaleBengali, DCWaleKannada, DCWaleAfghan, DCWaleGujarati and DCWaleTelugu. We will add other subcultures as we learn more about our members from the community. These highlights will both feature creative individuals from the respective community, community news, and other interesting developments regarding those specific subcultures.

We hope that this will allow us to connect you with those who share your subculture and customs. 

Visit our Instagram profile and use the hashtags from the story highlights to learn more.

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