Beauty Comes in All Sizes featuring Anis Collections

In March 2019, DCWaleDesi collaborated with Anis Collections for an editorial photoshoot that showcased what beauty means to 5 South Asian women who range in sizes from XS to XL. Pop culture and the media have driven body shaming for the last decade or so in all of society worldwide. The situation is even worse in South Asia. South Asian women are constantly being slammed with degrading comments about the perfectly-shaped or sized body in an effort to try and reach an unattainable definition of beauty. They are being suffocated with conflicting suggestions, telling them to be skinny but also being asked to take another scoop of biriyani.

To coincide with Women’s History Month, we shared the stories of each of these young women from our “Beauty Comes in All Sizes” photo series and learned more about how each of them feels comfortable in their own skin.

Chandani Chandekar

“You don’t become beautiful by buying new clothes or using fairness creams. You have to find the beauty within being confident in yourself and let that beauty translate into everything you say and do.”

– Chandani

Sanjana Bhakta

“Beauty is loving and embracing all parts of you. Beauty is knowing that your mind is beautiful. It is knowing your likes, dislikes, personality, values, beliefs, and what you are passionate about making you authentically you. Beauty is knowing your body is beautiful. It is knowing your curves, your hair, your eyes, and your body make you authentically you. Despite what society has tried to convince you, beauty is knowing you were made to be fiercely and unapologetically you.”


Nishat Khan

“Beauty is love. Beauty is confidence. Beauty is comfortability. Beauty is kindness. Beauty is in everything that surrounds us; whether it’s a person sitting in front of you, or a smile you gave to a passerby. Sometimes we forget how beautiful we are in our own individual way and the “standards” don’t necessarily help. You have to do the things that make YOU happy, that YOU are passionate about. And surround yourself with those that will continuously uplift and love you for who you are. Beauty comes from within and is defined by the love you have for yourself. Unapologetically, irrevocably, unconditionally.”


Kawalpreet Kaur

“Beauty is not about having fair skin or a perfect body(shape); it’s about having a kind heart, pure soul, confidence, this is what makes a person beautiful. Beauty is the quality of a person; we easily judge people by their looks but no one sees a person’s beauty or their quality. Every person is beautiful in their own way. Only a beautiful heart can appreciate another person’s beauty and that’s what makes them more BEAUTIFUL!”


Dhara Patel

“Beauty is confidence. Beauty is individuality. Beauty is simplicity. Beauty is love. Beauty isn’t just external, but internal, the inner beauty you build improves your impression of yourself. It allows you to love yourself. Doing the things that make you happy, pursuing your passions and surrounding yourself with a community of positivity, provides confidence in yourself. That inner beauty shines outward.”


Concept by: DCWaleDesi & Anis Collections

Decor by: Lucky Events, LLC

MUA by: Sadaf’s Makeup Art

MUA by: Ameena’s Makeup

Photography by: SNKWorks