Being the Eye of the Camera featuring Pure Elegance

In November 2019, DCWaleDesi collaborated with local fashion brand Pure Elegance for an editorial photoshoot that featured 2 community members of the DC area’s South Asian community and what it means for them to have the chance to be the eye of the camera.

Staying true to the name of their brand, Pure Elegance focuses on producing apparel that is fashionable, stylish and timeless by introducing outfits that have trendy silhouettes and are made of embroidered and traditionally crafted fabric. Catering to a wide set of audience, by introducing distinct ranges throughout the year. They try their best to design clothes that are unique, effortless and perfect for every occasion.

Fusing eastern, cultural work with contemporary style. Their clothes are meant to be worn by women of every age and kind. Keeping this in mind, while accepting the beauty and individuality of each woman, their age, size, and values.

Pure Elegance offers customized tailoring with consumers having a choice to get their ensembles stitched to perfection.

In this case, we go by the motto: “Stitched to Perfect Fit”

Sophia Ijaz


Being in front of the camera for pictures I’ve planned myself is fun and I love that through imagery we can others our fashion sense or our creativity through makeup artistry. However being in the eye of the camera for someone else’s campaign or shoot can be a little bit unsettling and I definitely don’t always feel fully comfortable but I enjoy the finished product of a shoot or concept. It’s kind of cool to see someone’s vision come to life and it’s nice to be able to be a part of it!

Growing up Pakistani in a predominately small white town in England, I always felt like I wasn’t beautiful enough because I stood out like a sore thumb. But gradually I learned to appreciate my differences and now with the emergence of social media, it’s exciting to able to display my rich heritage and culture through Pakistani fashion and I love how strong the South Asian community is on social media!


Reem Aslam

Screen Shot 2019-12-08 at 2.39.50 PM

It’s a passion. A way I feel comfortable being able to express myself doing what I love without any concerns of judgement. By being able to help spread awareness for the South Asian community itself is something I enjoy. By sharing our clothes and jewelry, I hope to help others also learn the values of our amazing culture.

Clothing by: Pure Elegance

Photography by: AJayPortrayal