Desi Influencers and What Inspires Them Every Day featuring Meraki by Poonam

In October 2019, DCWaleDesi collaborated with Meraki by Poonam for an editorial photoshoot that showcased 5 local influencers of the DC metro area’s South Asian community and what inspires them to remain passionate about their area of interest day in and day out.

Pari Sneha


“Creativity is possible in all areas of life like thinking, working, playing or social interaction.
I love adding creativity in the things I do, whether it’s fashion, home decoration or work. I always try to look things differently. As a software designer/ developer, I use my creative ideas in building software programs so that I can create visually appealing designs with different useful functionalities for the users. Adding creative designs motivates me to learn more about programming and help me in delivering a good and efficient work.”

~ Pari

Monica Ahuja


“Creativity comes from ones soul. I would say I was born with it. I always try and think out of the box. I have been a part of this influencer world for almost 3 years now apart from my full time job and teaching dance. Every post I put out on Instagram, I make sure it’s the best I can do while being honest with myself and others. I continuously push myself to do even better and what drives me, are the people who continuously give me feedback through comments, likes and DMs. I enjoy this world and that’s why I am a part of it. I hope to continue inspiring people so they can pursue what they enjoy the most.”

~ Monica

Kinza Chaudhry


“One of the many things i stand for is my passion for healthful and intuitive eating. I am blessed to be a Dietitian and provide the gift of knowledge so we all can lead healthier lives. Prevention is the best medicine and I feel privileged to help many individuals each day. I like to travel frequently and I bring back a piece of the place I visit and share my personal experience that helps connect with individuals from all walks of life.”


Rashi Thapar


“Dance is my therapy. I use it as an emotional outlet and since in nature it is creative it keeps my brain going as well. I try to be as unique and different with my dance choreography and videos as possible and it gives me so much happiness to put things I picture in my mind to life”

~ Rashi

Khushbu Patel


“The best part about recovery is when we get to rediscover ourselves and find our passion. For me that is finding ways to continuously stabilize others I’ve met through some really rough times. It sounds corny but you can never know the truth of what is happening in someone else’s life and how big of an impact something has had. Although I put up a boss ass face in the professional world, I try to use my knowledge about self awareness to provide support for others and give back to a community. It often takes creative measures to help people want to take a step in making their lives better and break a toxic comfort. I am passionate about living a life of no regret and for me that means giving importance to individual souls”

~ Khushbu

Concept by: DCWaleDesi

Clothing by: Meraki by Poonam

Makeup by: Makeup by Vanis

Photography by: Darshan Vaishnav Photography