What Being Desi Means to Me featuring Jalaby

In October 2018, DCWaleDesi collaborated with Jalaby for an editorial photo shoot that showcased what being Desi means to 5 members of the DC metro area’s South Asian community.

At its core, Jalaby is a brand that’s all about having fun, making people happy, and spreading Desi love. They take pop culture and create art and clothing with a South Asian spin.

Every time you see something from Jalaby, they want people to smile because it brings back a memory, celebrates your favorites, or just simply makes you feel cool.


Jason Kazi

I’m a proud Bangladeshi-American having spent a decade in Bangladesh. I love how colorful and vibrant our culture is, especially our cuisine. I also admire how hospitable and innovative our region’s people are.


Sajan Ahuja

“I love that in my roots I am so attached to our teachings (values and beliefs) from back home since it gives me a fair balance between what is right and what is wrong. So even though I am accustomed to the Western culture, in my heart and spirit, I will always be a proud Desi.”


Driestie Kafle

“As a Nepali, I love the food, the richness in culture and the festivals we celebrate. I love how our culture teaches us to be welcoming to everyone and promotes unity.”


Monica Ahuja

“I AM A PROUD DESI! I say it out loud every day. I wouldn’t want to belong to any other community. We have the most beautiful skin complexion, a golden heart and a strong will power to do it all. We can legit conquer the world if we stick together. We speak multiple languages that people have to pay to learn. Also, we got the best outfits and Jewelry in the whole wide world. We have the best wedding festivities of all. We stick by our culture, values, and morals. We are smart, talented and artistic individuals. In my opinion, we are blessed!”


Nehal Ali

“I love being desi because as colorful and beautiful my culture is, I know the people in it, are even more beautiful.”


Concept by: DCWaleDesi

Photography by: AJPortrayal

Apparel by: Jalaby