The New Generation – South Asian Work-Life Balance featuring Tanya’s Collection

In May 2019, DCWaleDesi collaborated with Tanya’s Collections for an editorial photoshoot that showcased how 6 members of the DC metro area’s South Asian community manage their schedules which are filled with family obligations, their relationships and friendships, their careers and their side hustles.


Hey everyone! I’m Tanya!

Just a little about myself before I get into how I multitask every day and how I’m great at it. I’m an IT Consultant by profession. I have graduated from the University of Maryland, University College with a degree in Business Administration. I am a licensed Cosmetologist specializing in professional hair, makeup and skincare. I am also the founder of Tanya’s Collection, DMV’s exquisite Indian bridal and party wear for men and women.

I really try my best to get in the gym at least 3-4 times a week for at least 2-3 hours a day. I also enjoy traveling and fly out at least once a month to a new destination.

So the real question is, how do I do it all? Well, the answer is that I really have to juggle my tasks and make sure I’m excellent at managing my time. It really makes me plan ahead and makes sure I’m always on top of my schedule. I strongly believe that no matter how busy I am, I always have to make time for my family and friends. I do whatever it takes to make sure I am always there for them. I really want to be successful in life and will do whatever it takes to achieve my goals. So, for all of you who have busy lives, have families or have tight schedules, my advice to you is to keep your head up and keep going.

Success comes to those who work hard and never give up. 


Hey everyone! I’m Monica!

Just like most people here, I wear many hats. Professionally, I am a Business Analyst for an IT software company. On weekdays, after long workdays, I spend time planning upcoming projects and events for “DCWaleDesi,” the South Asian community platform that I founded. I am also a fashion blogger and a choreographer, so I spend time on weekends doing photoshoots and filming dance videos. If time permits, I also like to attend various events I get invited to as a blogger such as launch parties, influencer fitness classes, etc.

I graduated with a bachelors degree in Management and Entrepreneurship from the Robert H. Smith School of Business at the University of Maryland. Currently, I am one semester away from graduating with an MBA specializing in Project Management.

Often I get asked, how do you get the time to do it all. To be honest, I sometimes question it as well. Most of all, I feel blessed that I have the energy to do it all. I set goals and I do everything in my power to attain them. For stress relief, I like to clean and put things together, such as build things for our backyard or my room. I haven’t really worked out in the past few months because of the shortage of time but by dancing a lot, I burn quite a few calories. I like to go to the temple every week. I started doing that late last year and it brings me peace. I also travel once a month to get away from the normal routine. Last but not least, my life isn’t complete if I’m not listening to music.

Gaurika Sood Kapoor


Hey everyone! I’m Rika!

Most people that follow DcWaleDesi come from similar backgrounds. We always hear about the struggles that our parents went through as first-generation immigrants but we never talk about our struggles growing up as confused as one can be, living up to our culture and standards while still trying to fit in and maintain the American lifestyle. I am proud to say that I am finally able to embrace both cultures and have found my balance. DCWaleDesi asked me to talk about how I maintain a healthy work-life balance and still make time for the things I enjoy doing for fun.

It starts with myself, I have to focus on things that are important to me and go from there. My top priorities are my career, education, and marriage. I can say that I am at a place in all three areas where I desired to be two years ago. I recently graduated with my MBA with honors, have been promoted to a Financial Advisor position for one of the top brokerage firms and am happily married. I also enjoy modeling, dancing and staying active in the Desi community and I do that by being a part of organizations such as DCWaleDesi. My biggest advice is to always keep your eyes on the prize, set goals and focus on what you want not what others may want for you. Everything else is a distraction.



Hey everyone! I’m Manny!

I work in sales and I also manage my family transportation/logistics business based out of Baltimore. I manage my work-life balance by making sure I have a good time management system, setting reminders, and staying on top of my weekly and monthly goals. I’m passionate about my gym routine and maintaining a healthy diet, and I also ensure to spend the rest of my free time with family and friends. Outside of work and school I really enjoy the outdoors (such as hiking and going to lakes) and snowboarding.

Rohan Malik


Hey everyone! I’m Rohan!

I’m definitely a workaholic, but I do try and find time to unwind. After work, I have a few hours to myself which I spend exercising. I have a “suffer now and enjoy later” mentality. The time I spend commuting is occupied with learning a new language or stock market analysis to figure out what to invest in later. I spend my weekends helping my mom live her dream in the fashion world through Tanya’s Collection. My mom pours her heart and soul into finding and designing quality pieces of Indian garb and I want to highlight her talent to the world.